Mini Shipping Container

5F-10F Available, They made of high-quality steel. There are nested sets. Small storage containers are more portable.

Customized Services

Use a standard 20GP shipping container size to modify, you can modify it into a different style container house or office .

Mobile Storage Container

Basic-Moveable storage units, durable and stackable units, quick build the portable storage space, 12F 16F 19F Size Available.

Portable Storage Units

Premium-Portable storage container, Suitable for outdoor use, stronger anti-rust function, 12F 16F 19F Size Available.


6F-10F Mini Cube shipping containes

RT-Mini Cube With the 6f-10f option, they are waterproof and stackable,these smaller containers make them very suitable for home or workshop storage and cargo transportation.

Shipping containers with custom sizes

Your different storage requirements, RT can provide customized services, the overall dimensions of the container can be changed, Or add door and window decoration.

Flat-Pack Storage Container

They can be flat-pack, convenient for transportation, save large transportation costs, simple and fast assembly, stronger quality and 4 units stack high.

Prefab container home

They can be folded and assembled quickly. They can be used for goods storage and people's living, as temporary living places or offices, and can be reused many times.

Portable moving and storage container -Standard Sizes

Standard sized portable RT- moving and storage containers, 16F/19F, They are used in self-storage and moving industries. They are waterproof, portable, easy to move and can stackable

High quality mobile storage unit

This transportable storage units which is more suitable for mobile and self-storage industries. The biggest advantage of this storage container is that it is portable and foldable, it also can be stackable.

Custom Solutions

Led by our technical team, we deliver made-to-order custom solutions that are carefully planned, expertly designed and precisely manufactured to meet your specific requirements.


RT storage container is a professional portable storage units provider. Our storage containers range from portable storage containers to heavy-duty mobile storage units. We have a variety of options to choose from. Our customizable services make your products more suitable for your unique business development needs, years of industry experience and high-quality production standards for each product, let us have confidence that we can help you make your company develop better.


Customizable Service

The biggest advantage of RT is to provide customizable services, No matter the external dimension of the container or the interior decoration, we can customize your products.

Installation training

Never worry about the installation problem after you receive the storage container. We have a complete set of installation tutorials made by special technicians to make your installation pressure free

Logistics Support

RT can provide logistic support services to help you get your containers from the factory to your warehouse. our logistical operations can total meet your unique needs.

After Sales Support

Our after-sales team, which has been guarding our products, no matter whether they are installed, used or resold, if you encounter any problems, you can feed back to our after-sales service.


What are the benefits of using portable storage containers?​

The Portable storage container is similar to the building of a building block and is a kind of mobile storage unit with simple construction and convenient movement.

What are the advantages of shipping container house?

Compared with traditional buildings, container house have great advantages. After dismantling traditional buildings, there are usually fewer materials that can be recycled.

Mobile storage units-Makes moving and storage easy!

Temporary storage is different from large warehouses with hundreds or thousands of square meters. mobile storage units is a warehouse for the temporary storage.

RT-portable storage container Source Manufacturer.

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Contact us, let us provide you a customized storage solution or your new business expanding plan.

Quality Assurance

Our professional design and processing team to guard every container you purchase to ensure quality.

Industry Experience

Our mature industry experience can give you professional product suggestions to help you make your company better