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We are a professional customized source supplier of mobile storage solutions.

About us

About us

A moving and storage comprehensive solution provider.

Our mission

Our goal is to “Make your storage easier”!

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Qingdao Raytai Industry. Founded in 2003. We are located in the port city of Qingdao. 30 minutes away from Qingdao Port, we conducted an in-depth and keen investigation on the moving and storage industry, and deeply understood the important role of storage containers for this industry, especially for those who have the desire for the storage container to have mobile performance. For the customers who need it, we have designed and developed a variety of storage containers to meet such customers. From their mobility, convenient build, and stackable, as well as customized services, we can fully satisfy our customers’ various needs.
If you want to start a new self-storage business, or you want to expand your self-storage business, add the to mobile containers option to your business, years of exploration and research in this industry, we are confident to help you achieve your new plan.
In addition to the storage container units, RT also provides supporting industry-related products. 
We are a moving and storage comprehensive solution provider. Our goal is to “Make your storage easier”!

Portable container production pictures

We mainly focus on the production and sales of portable storage containers and the transformation of standard containers. We have standard sizes for portable containers, 8*12f-8*16f-8*19f.

The remodeling of the container is customized according to the needs of customers. For this, please contact our sales department to communicate your requirements. We are always looking for cooperative distributor partners, if you are interested in becoming our distributor partners, please feel free to contact us.

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We cherish each of our customers. We sincerely and patiently communicate with you, understand each customer’s needs in-depth, so as to provide customized services, and the ever-changing moving and storage business model makes it necessary for us to have more professional partners and more Unique moving and storage methods can meet different customer needs. Let us be your partner to strengthen our business together.

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