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Flat-Pack Steel Self-Storage Vault

1- L*W*H can be customized according to your requirements.

SizeExternal size(mm)
Weight (KG)Loading Quantity
Customized Size Service???

2- It can be matched with the trailer, City to City short-distance moving and storage.

Product NameFlat-Pack Portable Storage Container
Factory servicesOEM & ODM
COLORCustom size
MOQ 1*20GP/1*40HC
Deliverability50-100 sets  Per Month
FeatureHeavy-duty mobile storage container, waterproof, stronger for storage
ShipmentSea transportation
AdvantageCustomized Size Service


3- Why choose a Steel Portable storage container?







If you come to this landing page, congratulations you have found a very good business that can be used for your current moving and storage business.
Are you still using mobile or storage containers made of plywood? Did they deform due to wet weather during use?
Is your space wasted because you can’t split it? once they are not be used at the moment?
This Steel detachable portable storage container can completely solve all problems. Click for more information to see how it is customized and used.

Steel - Portable Storage container Advantage

1. Waterproof
It can be placed directly on the trailer and pulled out for outdoor use. Rainy days will not affect the relocation business.

2. Steel material, stronger 
Q235 steel plate is bent and has stronger load-bearing capacity and impact resistance.

3. Can be assembled
The special design that can be divided into six pieces can completely save cost and space whether in transportation or storage.

4. Can be assembled quickly
Three people can quickly assemble a module in 15 minutes, saving time is saving cost.

5. It can be directly combined with the trailer
Use standard sea container twist lock to link with trailer, safer and more portable.

6. The color and size of the module can be customized

7. Support logo customization

8.4 can be safely stacked high

4.What are the steps for customization?

1.Design drawings

Each customer has its own different container size. In order to match your current trailer size or the size of a large shipping container, or match the size of your warehouse, our split portable storage container can be designed with different lengths and widths according to your requirements. High to meet your needs.

It can be divided into six pieces. When you use it, you can quickly assemble it. When you are not using it, you can stack it in pieces to save space.

2.Sample confirmed

After the drawing is confirmed, we start to make the first storage container sample of the entire order and get confirmation from After you confirm the drawing, we start to make the first storage container sample of the entire order according to the specifications of the drawing, and spray it with the color you require. If you have your own company logo, we will also arrange for you to confirm it, including the logo Materials used, etc.

After the samples are ready, we will take pictures and shoot detailed videos to send to you, and we also accept live video confirmation. During the confirmation of the sample, if you have something to modify, you can suggest it, and we will discuss the modification.

3.full order production

After you confirm the drawing size and detailed product specifications, we start to enter the mass production stage.

» All raw material procurement preparation

» Quality inspection of purchased raw materials.

» Tooling adjustment preparation.

» Surface anti-rust pretreatment of raw materials.

» Raw material processing, cutting, bending, etc.

» Surface painting process.

» Container welding step by step.

» Assembly inspection in the process.


From the inspection of raw materials, to the inspection in the production process, welding inspection, surface treatment process inspection, etc.

we focus on one detail. We believe that details determine success or failure. We will let you know the production status of your order at any time.


After the production of the entire order is completed, we will design a specific packaging plan. We have a single set of packaging solutions, and split, single-piece mixed packaging solutions.

According to your quantity, we will design the most suitable packaging scheme for you. This scheme will increase the packing quantity and save you money. We will check every detail and protect our storage container to avoid damage to the product during transportation .

After the production is completed, according to the signed terms, we will be responsible for the booking and trailer and loading work at the port of departure. From production to delivery, the entire link is completed smoothly. You don’t need to worry, we will report the progress to you step by step.

We believe that this is a professional sense of responsibility that a qualified supplier must possess.


Before and after you receive the container, we will arrange special online training to introduce the installation process and precautions in detail.

We support the provision of detailed installation instructions and videos to ensure that after you receive these portable mobile storage containers, you can Fast assembly and use.

RT- portable storage units features

Quick assembly

Quick assembly and disassembly when in use, very convenient when transferring goods

Resistant to harsh weather

ISO-grade portable containers making them resistant to harsh weather.They are manufactured from heavy-duty and high-quality steel ​.

Space save

Containers are stackable to save space.

Customized size

Choose from a different sizes of portable storage containers.

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