Portable moving and storage container - Standard Sizes


This moving and storage container which is more suitable for mobile and self-storage industries. The biggest advantage of this storage container is that it is portable and foldable, it also can be stackable.

A-12 units can be packed in a 40HC, which can help you save on logistics costs compared to traditional shipping by sea.

B-This second biggest advantage is that they are easy to install. After you receive them, only a few workers can complete the installation in a short time. If you want to start a new self-storage business, you only need a piece of land, and then we are doing the rest of the work, this storage container must be your best choice.

C-There are standard sizes and customized sizes to choose from.


The following are the standard size specifications

Size:Exterior  Dimensions(mm)Weight
/Pulling Channel
8*10FL:3050*W:2380*H:2315mm5000 IbsPlywoodDouble swinging doorsOptional /Standard12pcs
8*12FL:3660*W:2380*H:2316mm7000 IbsPlywoodDouble swinging doorsOptional /Standard12pcs
8*16FL:4800*W:2380*H:2315mm10,000 IbsPlywoodDouble swinging doorsOptional /Standard12pcs
8*19FL:5800*W:2380*H:2315mm10,000 IbsPlywoodDouble swinging doorsOptional /Standard12pcs

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