20GP Shipping container home

Flat Pack storage container
February 3, 2017
Flat Pack Storage container
February 3, 2017

20GP Shipping container home


20GP Shipping container Homes are converted from standard shipping containers with different sizes of 20GP and 40GP. All the decoration inside the container can be customized according to customer requirements, whether you want a temporary home or office, RT-can design and make for you.
At present, people ’s living environment is changing, and some people yearn more for freedom and creativity.
More and more container home plans are being born. Some people use such containers to build creative hotels. A new way of doing business. This single room can live directly. 
It can also be used in the mining business as a dormitory for workers Use, because they have good thermal insulation performance, which has a full range of living equipment, beds, separate toilets, bookcases, bathrooms, etc., very suitable as a single dormitory, and they can be reused.
Do you want to have such a creative container house? Please contact us.

The specifications of the picture’s  20GP container home model

20GP Shipping container Home
120GP container 1.6mm set
2Wall insulation board 50mm 
3Floor(20mm container floor + 2mm vinyl floor)Square meter
4wardrobe   600*1000*1800mmpcs
5desk  1000*600pcs
6chair (wood)pcs
7single bed  1000*2000  |(include mattress)pcs
8Small cabinet with sink 1600*600mmpcs
9toilet (ceramics)pcs
10out window  800*1100mm(plastic steel)pcs
11shower room window 500*600 mm (plastic steel)pcs
12lavabo  60*60mmpcs
13shower room  900*900mmpcs
14shower room door  aluminium alloy collapsible doorpcs
15steel gatepcs
16refrigerator 118Lpcs
17air conditioner 1.2 pcs
18water heater 40Lpcs
19water and electricitypcs

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