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Portable moving units different tips


Design details according to your requirements, but the most popular standard sizes are 8 * 16F and 8 * 19F.

Material preparation, quality inspection, and high-quality welding.

After welding, assemble and check each component to ensure that they are spliced neatly and butt-jointed completely,

After that, we will carry out surface treatment on them. The surface treatment generally includes painting, hot galvanizing. Different surface treatments lead to different final prices of products. This can be customized according to your needs, and we can communicate in detail.

After finishing the surface treatment, the side panel, door, bottom, and top shall be completely assembled and inspected, and the details of links shall be checked to ensure that each link is qualified and the surface is bright and free of scratches. After passing the inspection, we are ready to package and deliver them.

Check the bolts, door locks, and other small parts of each link to ensure that you can install them correctly and use them smoothly after receiving them.

Finally, professional pallet packaging, loading into containers and delivery.

These transportable storage units are more suitable for mobile and self-storage industries. The biggest advantage of this storage container is that it is portable and foldable, it also can be stackable.

A-12 units can be packed in a 40HC, which can help you save on logistics costs compared to traditional shipping by sea.

B-This second biggest advantage is that they are easy to install. After you receive them, only a few workers can complete the installation in a short time. If you want to start a new self-storage business, you only need a piece of land, and then we are doing the rest of the work, this storage container must be your best choice.

C-There are standard sizes and customized sizes to choose from.

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