20GP Shipping Container Home

The container office refitted with standard 20GP/40GP shipping containers is easier to move, work, and live, and can be placed in a suitable place for use at any time, we can customize the interior design according to your needs.



We can build unique container houses according to the needs of our own population. Building a house with a container is a new idea, it is green, it saves time and effort, and it is very flexible. Compared with traditional housing, it can provide families with more choices. Individuals, families and even a community can get what they need. A house made of steel boxes can also be full of fashion and is very friendly to the environment.

Primary features:

The low costs involved with building a shipping container home is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of choosing to do so. They are a lot more affordable than building a traditional house – shipping containers home are cheaper to buy than materials such as brick and steel.
the second reason for their affordability is the fact they are already structured and durable when bought. A shipping container home already includes flooring too, so you don’t have to spend money getting it fitted. They are insulated.

There is a reason why shipping containers are used to ship cargo and fragile items right across the world; they are extremely tough and durable. so if you live in it, it will protect your safety.

Another fantastic benefit of choosing to build a shipping container home is that they are exceedingly quick to be constructed. Whilst a traditional home could take anything from 6+ months onwards to be living-worthy, a shipping container home could take less than a month.

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