Flat Pack Steel Storage Vault-L7F*W5F*H8F

What is a “Storage Vault”?
A normal “storage vault” is a sealed and secure wooden storage container, 7 feet high x 5 feet wide x 7 feet long (245 cubic feet). RT- “storage vault” is a sealed and secure steel storage container, 7 feet high x 5 feet wide x 7 feet long (245 cubic feet). Since all of our storage vaults are a standard size, compared to wooden storage vaults, steel The biggest advantage of making a stoage vault is that it is stronger, more convenient to move and transport, and safer when stacked high.


Flat Pack Small Storage Container-Customized Size

Small and heavy-duty portable containers are available in standard size and customized sizes. The standard size
is the same size as the 6-8F mini container, and the maximum size is 10F.

Customized size can be customized according to your needs, length, width and height, up to 12F. This small assemblable

container is mainly used for international transportation and storage. It is widely used and can be used as a long-distance

box and short-distance storage and transportation. Because the material of the container is the same as that of the shipping

container, they are stronger and more resistant to impact compared to the portable container, which provides better

protection for your customer’s goods.

Primary features:

1. Waterproof
It can be placed directly on the trailer and pulled out for outdoor use. Rainy days will not affect the relocation business.

2. Steel material, stronger 
Q235 steel plate is bent and has a stronger load-bearing capacity and impact resistance.

3. Can be assembled
The special design that can be divided into six pieces can completely save cost and space whether in transportation or storage.

4. Can be assembled quickly
Three people can quickly assemble a module in 15 minutes, saving time is saving cost.

5. It can be directly combined with the trailer
Use a standard sea container twist lock to link with the trailer, safer and more portable.

6. The color and size of the module can be customized

7. Support logo customization

8.4 units can be safely stacked high

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