RT-Small shipping containers for sale 6F/7F/8F/9F/10F

RT-Mini Cube With the 6f-10f option, they are waterproof and stackable, these smaller containers make them very suitable for home or workshop storage and cargo transportation. The Mini cube containers are designed for storage purposes.



RT’s DuoCon shipping containers offer the storage capacity of a 20-foot container, the ease of access of a double-door unit, and the flexibility of two separate spaces. Our 2×10 DuoCon containers are two 10-foot shipping containers welded back-to-back to fit the form of a standard 20-foot shipping container. DuoCon shipping containers are easy to load and handle and can be more cost-effective to ship than two 10-foot containers.
DuoCon Small storage containers for sale.RT offers a different selection of new DuoCon shipping containers, available for immediate sale and quick delivery.

1.Doors at the front and back ends of the unit
2.Corten steel construction
3.Weatherproof design
4.Watertight construction
5.Ground-level entry
6.Containers are 30-ton-rated
7.Load-rated plywood flooring
8.Side vents for airflow
9.Securely closing cargo doors
10.Forklift pockets
11.we are a source manufacturer and we can arrange to ship them to your nearest port at a very competitive price

Exterior Interior Door Capacity
Length: 20ft. Length: 19ft. 4in. Width: 7ft. 8in. Gross: 66,139 lbs
Width: 8ft. Width: 7ft. 8in. Height: 7ft. 6in. Payload: 61,289 lbs
Height: 8ft. 6in Height: 7ft. 10in. Tare Weight: 4,850 lbs

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