Modified shipping containers



20FT Duocon Container

Easy to make two 10’ containers out of this product,Easy to ship as a standard 20’ ISO container,Double door design allows for easy access to cargo at both ends of the container and if cut into will have a standard door for each 10’,Supplied front walls for wielding back when making into two 10’ containers.



20FT Container Home/Office

Use a standard 20GP shipping container size to modify, you can modify it into a different style container house or office according to your needs. Why are shipping containers being used to make homes, studios, cabins, and offices? Because it is Portable and cost-saving.



Shipping container restroom

Shipping container restroom series for high-capacity and heavy-duty applications. RT portable restrooms are made out of high-quality steel, ensuring high resistance to harsh and corrosive environments. Rated for high wind and snow load.



Shipping container warehouse

Modified into a warehouse with a standard shipping container, the door is designed into a high-quality rolling door style, which is more convenient to push and pull. The floor can be made of plywood or steel floor according to your needs.



Expanding container home

Use a standard shipping container to modify it into an expandable container house or office. It is very portable in both transportation and use. You can take your home to live or work anywhere you like.

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