Shipping container warehouse


20GP small storage container.

Fasten doors with lock bars and lock buckles or recessed lock pockets. Weather resistance. convenient. The color is not obvious with neutral paint and can blend into the surrounding environment. Most are equipped with fork pockets, making them truly portable. Fast and punctual delivery and pickup.

A high-quality rolling door is installed, which is more convenient for access. The cabinet and rolling door can be customized into various colors you need.

There are two choices for the internal floor, which can be customized into a patterned steel floor, which is stronger, less rusty, increases frictional resistance, and has stronger load-bearing properties. Another option can be customized into a high-strength plywood floor. When the customer stores the goods, the goods can be better protected from being scratched. According to your different needs, you can choose different options.

This portable container warehouse is more suitable for outdoor storage.

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